Why it is Necessary and Important to Pass through Processes to Achieve Result in Life

Submission to the preparation process is the secret of preparation. Wishes will remain wishes without the discipline of going through preparation. Dreams and visions will remain a mirage and unfulfilled if the potter does not carefully mold you to fit into the dreams and visions of your life.

In spite of all the attendant fears that arise and the ones people may put in you, no man really dies in his preparation ground. What dies is mediocrity, the force of inertia, and all that can keep you from becoming what God destined you to be. Many things in you, around you, that you love but will keep you from fulfilling destiny must die so you can live better after preparation.

The reason is that you are being prepared for something so the process is not made for your destruction but to get you ready. Death, therefore, cannot take you. It is however understandable that due to the rigors of the pressure a person may go through during the time of preparation, despair and despondency could set in, thereby tempting him to think of abandoning the process.

Whatever you are passing through now, brace up as it is part of your readiness for the future. Look beyond where you are to where you are going. When an individual is steadfastly minded about a thing, he does not give room for distractions and detractors. Just ignore them and keep moving.

There will always need to find true mentors you can gladly, humbly, and willingly submit to for training. Without training, there will be no reigning, for only those trained are permitted and qualified to reign.

Take your training moment seriously because somewhere, somehow, someday, and sometime this will determine how far you can go in life. When your moment of manifestation comes, people will go back to your roots to find out what process you underwent. 

This is what you may not include in your resume because this training is not acquired in a conventional training school. Never ignore the need to be ready for the future you are yet to see.

Whatever progress people make in life is determined by their willingness to go through a preparation process. So progress is a product of a process. What is the process you are going through now? Do you see it as a process or as suffering? The mindset you develop towards the things you go through will go a long way to either strengthen you as you go or to weak you. 

Understanding your season of the preparation process will boost your resolve to undergo it no matter what you see. It is also important to know that you should not neglect the preparatory stage that makes you ready for future challenges. 

The process is a particular cause of action intended to achieve a result. We see here that process is that which takes place before results are seen. When you are in a process, fix your mind on the result and not on the process itself.

The process is only intended to bring you somewhere with a definite outcome. It is like a conveyor taking you to your destination. Your destination is your target but you just know that between where you are and where you ought to be, there is a distance and something is needed to take you from say point A to point B. That thing carrying you is the process.

As it goes there may be detours, speed bumps, and traffic along the way: these are all part of the process. Sit back and fasten your seat belt. The ride maybe bumpy but you will get to your destination. 

For example, there is a process in education. You did just have your Ph.D. in a night or Master’s Degree. You started from somewhere.

I am currently schooling at the University of Agriculture Makurdi in Benue State Nigeria. There were many processes I went through before I get there. In Nigeria, you start from Primary School (Elementary) then proceed to the Secondary School, after finishing your secondary school education, you will have to write a national entrance exam into the university which is the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination. And other exams. So you need to prepare in life to achieve great height in life.  

Jesus put it more clearly when he said that there shall be Tribulations. "Tribulation" as used here is not about the great tribulation as is known in the teaching about the last days in the bible, as it paints the picture of big trouble that will be unbearable But Jesus used the word in a positive light here, Let's explore it! 

Tribulation is gotten from the Greek word tribulum, meaning "a threshing sled-to separate as grain from straw) by beating" Great triumphs are birthed in the threshing place. Threshing, no triumphs tribulations are the road walk to triumphs. The triumphant life happens in the threshing floor.

Tribulation, therefore, is part of God's Instrument to thresh out the thrash in you, thereby taking away what should not be, so that the real you will come out in taking out the trash you lose nothing but chaff and straw while you gain everything grain and seed

 It also has to do with a pressing together" (as of grapes), squeezing or pinching. Before you enjoy any juice, the fruit needs to be squeezed out. Tribulation is the divine process of squeezing out the juice in you so your taste will be great in life. 

The juice remains locked up in the fruit until squeezed. The squeezing is not meant to disfigure or mangle you, but to pull out what is hidden in you. When the chaff is thrashed from the grain it is good for nothing other than fire; it is the grain that is gathered into storehouses. 

The good and great God in His infinite wisdom choose to pass you through this process so as to bring out the best in you. It is interesting to know that you do not choose what process to go through but God does that for you. The work and purpose you are to accomplish determines the kind of process that is chosen for you to go through.

Now, will you submit to the threshing and squeezing in the hand of God and stop struggling with His process or do you wish to continue the way you are? It may not be pleasant for the moment, but remember you were made for His pleasure. When you willingly submit, it is easier for Him to work on you and show forth His praise, but when you refuse, your deficiencies will show.

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