The Sure way to avoid Mediocrity, Inadequacies and Setbacks

I believe that lack of preparation and/or inadequate Preparation is the cause of so much mediocrity and failure virtually in all of life's endeavors. This however does not make it the answer to all of life's problems, but it provides a sure way out of so many inadequacies, flaws, and setbacks in an individual's life. 

It is an opportunity in life that one should jump into wholly without holding anything back. In the end, there will be no regrets as you cash in on this lifetime opportunity.

Sometimes, the pressure that comes along this pathway could be heavy and overbearing thus leading to the temptation to quit, but it has to be resisted by keeping your eyes focused on your mind where you are going

Preparation time is the period when a person is fitted to take on the responsibilities that can turn such a one into an asset. 

This further puts a strong demand on the individual spiritually, morally, experimentally, intellectually, socially, and otherwise. This is a very important transition period; therefore, it requires carefulness, commitment, dedication, patience, and doggedness in handling this season of life.

The Legend

My father once told me the story of one legendary Mr. Otonohyo who lived thousands of years ago. He was a very great man. He was also wealthy and famous by the standard of his day.

His greatness was such that he could not be rivaled by any of his contemporaries. People regularly flocked to get both financial and material help from him as he generously gave to all that came. Though the people were happy at his generosity no one seemed to care about how to be great like him or possibly exceed his greatness.

However, in that city, there was a young man who grew up to admire all the happenings around Mr. Otonohyo and he became excited and challenged.

On a particular day, he told his peers and friends that there will come a time when he would be greater, wealthier, and more famous than Mr. Otonohyo. His friends laughed mocked, taunted, and made fun of him. 

Some even dismissed him as a day-dreamer and a wishful thinker, since no one was ever heard to have aspired to such height of greatness nor even exceeding Otonohyo's.

One day, this young man took a simple but decisive and determined step as he walked up to the legend and asked for the secrets of his greatness, meanwhile he had made up his mind of being greater than the rich man. 

Mr. Otonohyo laughed hilariously and scornfully, however on second thought he was intrigued by the young man's daring spirit and he asked him if he could undergo all he went through, and also pay the price for greatness. The young man answered in the affirmative.

The legend's interest grew further at the young man's response. Then looking at him straight in the face he said "the path to greatness is froth with challenges, difficulties, hardships, pains and sometimes dreariness, and abandonment. 

So, young man, are you ready to go through all of these and much more in the course of your preparation for greatness?" Then he added "young man, home and carefully, thoroughly and thoughtfully consider what you are about getting into and then come back and tell me your final decision on this".

The young man returned to him a few days later with a determined look on his face. Mr. Otonohyo took him to where all he needed to go through was and further explained that it would last for only twenty-four hours (a whole day and night, not literal day though, but figuratively describing a continuous lifetime process). 

Thereafter he would be ready for the greatness he so desired, but if he felt the heat was too much for him to take, he was equally free to walk away from it but warned, however, that in so doing, he should forget the much-desired greatness.

The preparation ground was a great test. On many occasions, he was tempted to find the easy way out. "Just walk away; after all, you do not owe anybody anything for all you are going through. Why put yourself under undue pressure? It is not worth it." 

Notwithstanding, he remembered his lofty dreams, and that he owed himself a duty and the responsibility to be prepared for greatness, so he endured.

When it was daybreak, Mr. Otonohyo walked around and called out to the young man, asking if he was able to endure the preparation tests for greatness and the young man answered, 'yes' He was called out and the baton passed on to him as the legend declared, "Because you have endured all these and much more, from today you will not only be as great as I am but you will be greater."

Are You Ready For This!

The lesson behind this story is to let you know the value of preparation and its attendant demands and challenges. I wish I could say that preparation is an easy thing, but unfortunately, it is not. You should hold this very close to your heart that you only qualify for what you are prepared for.

Sometimes you have may have an unclear vision of what you want to do. Sometimes it may not be clear to everyone and in some cases including you. But I won't be going into that, you can read Season of Obscurity for more details.

The young man in the story did not give up on his desire to be great. Many of us want to be great and successful and don’t want to fight the battles associated with being great. Which is not possible. Anything that you are doing, do it well, do not quit because of one challenge or the other. This is very important. 

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