Epochal Period: Season of Obscurity

The life of Jesus can be summarized into six phases which we shall look into briefly. This also is a reflection of the various stages we go through in life. If we can connect with what He went through within the period of his thirty-three and one-half years then, it will enable us to take our coordinating points of life from him, too. We will be talking about one of stage here. You can read the about the remaining stages of life here.

Season of Obscurity.

This period in a person's life stretches from conception until one can come into the discovery of one's purpose on earth. For Jesus, it was a miracle all the way. 

While we may not haven such spectacular prophecies spoken before, during, or after our birth, we may yet come into God's purpose for our lives.

During this season, there is not much control one may exert over his actions. A person is under the tutelage of parents, guardians, or teachers until he grows up. However, this is an unavoidable season of life. We all began as a seed from the unrecognized stage: we were fertilized and then became human beings. 

That tiny seed carries in it the ability and capacity to become everything and anything God has programmed into it. Time and a conducive environment are the needed factors for its release and manifestation.

Obscurity means to cover over but not by your own making, as in trying to hide something. Truly, when we were all conceived, we were covered over in our mother's womb until the time of delivery. 

This is done to avoid destroying the fetus before it's time. The Creator God chose the process which we must of necessity to go through before we enter the world. Obscurity is not obstruction!

It also means it is not a noticeable period; humble but not humiliated. When we go through this season we are not noticed. No achievement to announce you to your world. All your knowledge is dependent on what you learn from others. 

Your life seems so hooked to those charged with the responsibility of your preparation to such a degree that if you fall into wrong hands it could mar your future but if you are in the right hands you could make it right and well.

Obscurity also implies that which is not clear; not easily understood. This accounts for why so many visions, dreams, and assignments are misunderstood. At this season, friends, family members, peers, onlookers, and whoever cares could misconstrue you because your purpose is not yet clear to any of them. 

Perhaps your vision for life is not even clear to you yet but it is beginning to come gradually. Though your vision is coming it is yet still blurred. You are wondering at what this could be, maybe looking out for someone who you could confide in for clarity. 

Joseph the son of Jacob had this challenge. When his dreams kept coming, they were unclear to him until his father interjected with an interpretation and suddenly his eyes and those of his brothers opened. 

Though he did not try to do anything funny about those dreams his brothers who misunderstood him did not take it kindly with him. They plotted and seized the opportunity to destroy him.

It further means to make it less visible. Do not be in a hurry to run when things are unclear to you. Even flights are delayed and canceled if the weather is foggy and unclear. When you are in this season so many things clamor for your attention. 

As it was with Jesus, good sense teaches one to wait for clarity before taking off. When at the age of twelve during one of the Jewish festivals in Jerusalem, the parents took Him there, He stayed back at the temple disputing with the teachers of the law and asking questions. 

Unknown to the parents who had gone home earlier but could not see him at home nor in the company of his friends. They set about looking for him. When they saw him, the Mother was exasperated and she put forth a perplexing query. At this level, the mission and vision of Jesus were not understood by His parents.

The parent's anxiety was well-founded. Jesus was in the season of obscurity. His parents also misunderstood Him. He was too young to go all the way into what He was doing. They equally carried a sense of responsibility towards Him as parents to ensure He was safe, secure, and protected, lest they will be seen as careless. Allow the season of obscurity to prepare you for the next phase.

Our parents and guardians may set rules, establish boundaries, and put limits on certain things we do. There have to be checked to help balance our lives. All this is done in the years of obscurity. They do not intend to deny us of any good thing but they also know the dangers involved in certain things which we do not see and those limits are set to spare us some pains and tears and regrets in life.

From this season of obscurity during which time Jesus followed his parents back home from that festival, not much is known or heard of him anymore. From then on he disappeared until he resurfaced in Matthew Chapter Three when he walked down to John's baptism at the River Jordan, which then thrust him into the next phase of his life.

You can read about the next stage which is the Season of Preparation.

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