Some Truths That do With Our Self-esteem and the Complexes that Many Suffer From.

These are some of the truths that have to do with our self-esteem and the complexes that many truly suffer from.

Your preparation determines the kind of result you will get:

There are no accidental results. Every good and great result or success is a product of careful, determined, and committed preparation. 

Get on the high way of preparation for a successful life. The thought of accidental success makes people not to work, because, one-day success will drop on their laps. This is no great delusion. David did not succeed against Goliath by chance but, through a series of preparations behind the scenes.

He killed the lion and the bear in the bush where nobody saw him. The only evidence that makes his story undeniable is the skin of those animals he brought home. So when he saw the giant, the picture of his encounter with the lion and bear raced through his mind and he was able to connect to the fact that, "this is the moment was being prepared for."

Preparation is your responsibility, not God's: 

When you prepare God will give you the answer. The answer we receive is dependent on our preparation. Never push what you should to God. This reveals a two-dimensional activity. While we claim to wait for God, heaven says God is waiting for us. 

Do what you ought to do and leave the rest to God. Neglect of your responsibility may not only delay God's best for you, but it can even lead to an outright denial of God's best for you as well.

Preparation makes you ready for action, not for chance:

It makes the future and results predictable because it is based on principles. A good example is a farmer who prepares well enough for the new cropping season, he knows without a doubt that the harvest would depend on the quality and quantity of seeds he has sown. 

Operating and running your life on the wheels of principles make you know the outcome before it arrives.

Preparation should be deliberate and calculated: 

About 85% of miracles in Jesus's ministry were products of the individual's preparation beforehand. They believed, spoke faith, were determined, and decided before coming to Jesus. The woman who had the issue of blood tor twelve years stands out here.

Whatever you do not prepare for is too big for you and could destroy you:

This is so because one might not be able to handle the results and outcome of whatever you did not prepare for. Every breakthrough, revival, or divine visitation is a product of preparation.

Preparation is a choice: 

Like every other choice we make in life, we can choose to prepare or not to prepare. Your decision not to prepare is a choice in itself.

Preparation props you up for your assignment.

This is what makes a person ready to fulfill his assignment in life. Without preparation no matter how lofty and desirable your assignment may look, you will not be fit enough to accomplish it.

The future belongs to those who prepare for it:

You cannot take charge of the future you did not prepare for. There were two builders that raised magnificent structures to the admiration of everyone. However, the level of preparation one of them put in before the structure was raised contrasted sharply with other who hastily raised his. 

When the time for the test came the man who took his time to prepare his foundation well had no fear of the storms, winds, and waves that beat against the house. It stood the test of time. But for the hasty man, the same test that came on the first brought his building down.

Take time to prepare. It pays to prepare.

Preparation takes time, heart, mind, and body: 

Do not be in a hurry as you prepare because it is the grandest thing to do. Another way to put it is to thoroughly do your homework before time.

Preparation is not for lazy people:

Preparation requires some measure of hard work with discipline and diligence.

Only those who see the future prepare for it: 

The inability of individuals to see their glorious future makes them take preparation for the unseen and unknown future lightly. But those who foresee the future get themselves ready for it and its challenges and they are fully ready to take up the challenges

Disgrace awaits you when you fail to prepare: 

The worst thing that happens to those who fail to prepare for the future is the failure that awaits them. When you fail to prepare, the future indicts you with failure.

Preparation gives you the necessary equipping and furnishing: 

This helps in readiness for where you are heading to in life, so every life experience is worthwhile if seen from the perspective of training rather than viewed as a problem.

When prepared people are lacking, there is a dearth of good work:


It is the bane of so much mediocrity. King Solomon of Israel put it in this way, there will be problems and confusion in the land when the king is a child. A child here means an inexperienced, untrained, and unprepared person.

Behind every good work, there is a prepared person:

Preparation is what is done behind the scenes and manifestation is the outcome of that preparation. It is a foundation upon which success is built.

Whatever you do not prepare for you do not qualify to enjoy: 

Hard work (preparation) precedes partaking which is enjoyment.

Preparation is what we are called to do: 

We are called to prepare our ways. This is but one of the greatest callings of God in scriptures as He stretches his hand to mankind.

Preparation is a leveler: 

The call to preparation involves making straight a high way for God. This implies that those who wish to see God manifest and carry their assignment to fulfillment should make their way plain, upright, and conform to the standard God has already set.

Preparation makes a pathway both for God and man: 

This is made possible by the valleys being raised or filled for easy passage and movement, and hills and mountains being leveled. Rough edges in our lives need to be trimmed, pruned, and rugged places made plain in readiness for what the Lord is about to do both in and through us.

Preparation makes revelation possible: 

Where preparation is lacking, God's glory cannot be made manifest. It is in the revelation of God's glory that yours is made known. Without revelation, there is no elevation.

Preparation gives birth to your glory. 

Any glory you do not prepare for will not manifest. It's the preparation that births your glory. Until you prepare, the glory cannot come. Glory has a way of impacting the bearer both positively and negatively. When it is, therefore, not prepared for, the negative impact could be devastating.

If preparation is not taken seriously in life, the glory that follows it becomes the undoing of the one concerned. Before the glory comes, prepare for it so you are not overtaken by what follows.

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