Epochal Period: Season of Groundwork

Season of Preparation
This season in Jesus' life began from the moment his mind was made up about being baptized. This though, would not add anything nor remove ought from what he came to accomplish but it was a decision he had to make for the future, laying a solid foundation not only for himself but for the work he came to accomplish. 

We see then that, while we are set for this season, our mind has to be made up to go beyond what is required. When the moment comes for individuals to choose what they have to as it pertains to their preparation, they should have it in mind that it is not just fulfilling what is just required and expected of you alone, but that they should go beyond, over and above the board. 

Jesus had the choice to walk away from baptism. When the choice is posed to you what do you choose?

Do you have a feeling that your personality is being insulted? Do you feel demeaned by it? Do your ego and pride tell you to show them who you are? Or can you choose the path Jesus our Master took? 

Whichever way you see and take the choice is yours. But make sure you do not make the kind of choice that you will regret or turn out to blame others tomorrow. At this stage of life, you are responsible for the decisions you make.

After taking a decision to be baptized, he was led by the Spirit into a place of prayer for forty days. Matthew Chapter 4 and Luke Chapter 4 chronicle these incidents. 

Jesus was led into the wilderness- a place of solitude, aloneness, quietness, a place where He would have uninterrupted communion with the Father, where he could hear Him alone and for himself. 

This time in our season of preparation is inevitable. It is what we must choose to do: separation from all the hustle and bustle of life to secure divine attention and direction. We should not be afraid of walking alone sometimes in our lives. 

There are waters you must swim across alone, places you must navigate alone and mountains you must climb and scale over alone. The only thing to fear is isolation, not separation. Whenever the thought of isolation comes, resist it vehemently because that is one of Satan's strategies to destroy a person. 

When Satan isolated Eve, he succeeded in deceiving her. But when we separate ourselves, it allows God the opportunity to open up to us.

Isolation comes with seclusion from others and aloofness. A disconnect is established and somehow you begin to feel you have to be away from people. No more interaction with others. 

But separation is to set apart for a purpose. Separation also has to do with keeping off from others by boundaries. It has to do with setting limits in certain areas of your life from others.

Jesus had all the reasons on earth not to undergo this stage being fully God and fully Man, but he submitted to the process. Though he was the Son of God yet he went through it. 

Neither his Father nor the devil spared him an inch. For he was ferociously tempted by the devil during this period of preparation, but he did not yield or back out. His Father knew the need for this as it is written.

While it is true that we may not understand and know the purpose of God for going through all we go through at the moment, it is important to know that it is for our good. Like Jesus, you can trust God with your life that he will not mismanage your destiny neither will he waste your future and time by allowing you to go through things that will not work for your purpose, progress, and good in life.

Jesus keyed into prayers. From this preparation ground, he was able to establish a daily routine of prayer life and pattern that would be the hallmark of his assignment. 

Prayer is an indispensable habit every believer must develop. It is like the air we breathe. Prayer, to a believer, is what oxygen is to the man on earth. When it is lacking, trace it back to the place of preparation.

There also He learned the art of being led by the Spirit daily. He knew how to follow as the Holy Spirit directs and instructs Him. This possibly explains why Jesus did not use the same method of healing for different blind men who came to Him. 

He had a daily walk with the Spirit and in the Spirit. It is essential to have daily, personal time with God. The old saints called it quiet time. Satan in his subtlety makes this all-important practice disappear fast from believers through a system of substitution. 

Some of the things we do are not sinful in themselves but they are becoming substitutes for the real thing. There are a thousand daily devotionals published today, some yearly, others on the quarterly, basis and yet others bi-monthly as the case may be. 

Nothing is wrong with all this. For sure, many more devotional readings are being added but they should never take the place of quality time with God, where the Spirit is at liberty to fellowship with you. Believe this or not, there is no how a five minutes devotional reading with a prayer for the day will feed you enough spiritually to carry you through all the challenges of the day. 

Indeed the purpose of these devotional readings is to encourage us to develop the habit of meeting with God daily at specific times, and once formed; the quest to go deeper and higher is created. They are meant to whet your appetite and taste buds for God. 

They are only a means to an end, not an end in themselves. But turning them into what they are not meant to achieve in us is an abuse. This in turn makes us not give room for the Holy Spirit to freely commune with us in our private devotion because it has become regimented and stereotyped. 

If your devotional life has become boring, dull, and stale, and you are becoming wary of continuing, then kindly try out the following ideas as a way of bringing life back into your personal devotional life.

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