How to have your Quiet Time.

Have A Set Time For Your Devotion.

Though many recommend and prefer early hours of the day when their minds are not cluttered with issues, however, one should be free to choose the most appropriate time. 

Each person knows the best time when he can de-clutter and free oneself for a good time of meditation and prayers. When you choose a time, do your best to stick to it, except otherwise. If for any reason, you could not keep to it, never feel guilty, but ensure you resume this practice as soon as occasion permits. 

If you can stick to a specific time for seven days at a stretch, you are about developing a habit you will not regret. Better still; go further trying a whole month. You will see the miracle of your life. Even if you have some teething problems at the beginning, do not give up. Keep pressing towards your goal. You will surely get there.

Start Small From Where You Are. 

Setting big goals can discourage you when they are not met. So, start with about thirty minutes of the time you have. Begin from where you are and progress. Taking baby steps could make a great difference. 

Begin with an open heart that you have come to fellowship and commune with your Father. Relax your heart and do not be exasperated. Never allow someone else's story to become your condemnation and defeat. 

There is hope for your growth if you keep at it. Remember you are developing a working relationship with God. He is not in a hurry to mature and graduate you. Learn to follow one step at a time.

Clear These Road Blocks: 

The devil knows much more than you do the results that will come out of this and he is going to set roadblocks on your way beginning with you. Watch out for these things.

Weakness both of the Body and Mind: 

To overcome this weakness, step out and begin anyhow. The moment you do not feel like doing it indicates that you have to do it.

Your Inability to Concentrate: 

Take charge of your mind and ask it to be quiet as you have something very important to attend to. Wandering though could be a great distraction. So before thoughts of the day's activities cluster your mind awake to take charge. 

However, because we live in a world where problems will never end; you have to choose what is more important and needful and what is just urgent Remember, this is the place you are expecting answers to the many problems confronting you. Do not toy with this moment.

Phone Calls: 

Switch off your phone until your devotion is over it creates an unnecessary interruption, especially in these days of cell phones. Do not try to play God. You cannot solve every problem. 

When you approach God and Judge of the whole earth, respect and honor for him demand that you do not allow anything to interfere when He is speaking to you. If we can show such respect for our earthly leaders, God deserves much more.

I Overslept: 

Set an alarm. It is there to serve you. Put your alarm to the time you desire to wake. Also try your best to go to bed early so you can wake early, too.

I Do Not Have Space and Enough Time: 

Create time and space. Once you put your heart to it, you will have time for it. This has to do with setting priorities. If God is your priority then, time shall be available for Him. The place you give to God in your heart determines the time you map out for Him. 

There shall never be a moment where time is elongated beyond twenty-four hours in a day. Everybody has only twenty-four hours a day. What you choose to do with yours tells what your priorities in life are. So create time, make time, and map out time.

Be Accountable:

Look for people of like minds who you could trust and be accountable to them on how well you are faring in this area, those who will encourage you to keep on trying until you achieve success in this. Let them be free to ask you from time to time at your progress level. 

On your part, you should be honest enough to tell them what goes on when no one is watching. Honesty pays. Do not play hide and seek, because you are not trying to impress anybody, or gain any score. Your preparation is very dear to God and determines the impact you will make. Avail yourself of the privilege of those God has put around you to help you.

Be Expectant: 

Be ready to meet God. Build faith and expect that your time with the Father shall be rich and rewarding. There is always an encounter awaiting you in His presence, so go in with a prepared heart to receive from Him. 

Carry a jotter or notebook and a pen to write down what He has to say. Take your Bible along with you and perhaps a good hymn book. Create an environment conducive in your heart and house for Him to be accommodated. When you have done all this, wait for His response.

Be Still: 

Learn to be quiet. Be still! Quieten your spirit and allow God time in your devotion. Communication is a two-way activity. When you talk to God, give Him a chance to respond. God speaks in the stillness of our lives, not in the noisy and rowdiness we show. 

The saints of old understood this better so they heard God almost always very distinctly. Fathers know how to wake their sons from sleep late at night or during the early hours of the morning to give instructions and information they consider very dear and important. 

This is done when the child's mind is free from every clutter and business of the day. Similarly, when God desires to say a very serious thing, He does it when there is no interference or interruption of any kind, in the cool and quietness when you are free from encumbrances. 

God is willing to speak to us, but that has to be achieved on His terms, not in our way.

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