Epochal Period: Season of Manifestation and Opposition

Season of Manifestation

What you do in the secret determines to a large extent the results you will command openly. One thing that has become obvious today is the fact that people want to be known and celebrated too quickly. 

Having an understanding of the season of life you are in at a given time is a blessing. It saves you the pains of forcing something into being. It also helps you to prepare on how to handle the next stage you are stepping into with all the attendant challenges.

Of all the seasons of life, the most challenging, delicate, and difficult one to handle is the manifestation time, probably because it comes with its twin brother known as opposition. The two are inseparable.

This moment in life announced Jesus. His miraculous works and the ministry of touching people's lives made him a star. 

He came to give and he did give, give, and give again and again. He healed the blind, made the lame walk, He healed people of all manner of incurable diseases, cast out unclean spirits from those that were oppressed, restored human dignity and worth to the outcast of the society, raised the dead back to life, wiped away tears from the hurting, and gave hope to the hopeless. 

All these culminated in the popularity he gained among the people.

Besides the miraculous works that he did, he was accessible to the people. He lived his life with the common people on the street. Jesus was humble beyond compare and he ministered to the people without expecting any gratification. 

He touched those considered and labeled as 'untouchables' because of their lifestyle or disease. Unlike some of the religious leaders of the day who removed themselves from the people and made themselves a class of their own, Jesus rather broke the divide and dichotomy that existed in the society of His day. 

So wherever he went, the crowd followed him. He never lorded himself over his disciples or followers. He lived among them, felt what they felt, tasted what they tasted, and dined with them.

Everyone has his moment and place of manifestation in life. When that season comes you may not do anything spectacular or different from what you have been doing but you will be noticed, celebrated, be popular, and followed. However, this is dependent on what you did during your season of preparation.

Thus, any preparation you avoid is also manifestation denied. Everyone is wired to manifest. The degree of manifestation may differ and the place of manifestation may not be the same, but one thing is sure, everyone is made to manifest. Do yourself a favor, do not neglect your preparation season.

Manifestation is simply a disclosure. This is when a person hitherto withdrawn from view is made visible. It could come through your works whether intellectual or humanitarian, religious or social. Whichever way it takes for an individual, it eventually comes to pass. 

We may not know when it started, how it came about, but for sure this season becomes inevitable in a person's life. That is why you are encouraged to keep doing what you are doing. Stick to it until you become adept at it. It is what you stick to that you become thick at. Quit trying everything, and stay with something. 

The one you stay with will ultimately announce you to your world. Always do the best and strive to be the best at what you do. You cannot tell how far your work will go tomorrow, so do not take things for granted. They always give out their best when the occasion allows them to do something.

If you are in your manifestation season now, enjoy it but know that it does not last forever. Also do not enjoy this season and be forgetful of the challenges it may bring. While you manifest, be working on yourself and be ready for what follows. If you are not yet in this season, keep preparing and waiting for your moment.

Our manifestation seasons are not the same. As a loving and caring Father, God will not allow you to step into something that will destroy you. Trust him for your time. It will surely come when the time comes!

Season of Opposition

When Jesus began to soar in popularity and fame it provoked a reaction of envy from the religious leaders of His day who felt threatened by His teachings and miracles. 

This generated vehement opposition; even from some of his relations, close associates, elite class, and others from the organized religious system of the day who felt threatened by His growing popularity.

If your manifestation does not stir up opposition it means you have not done something worthwhile. As one of Newton's laws states, "to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." So it is with manifestation! While it creates excitement for those who are blessed, the reverse reaction is not uncommon and unexpected from those who are either envious, jealous, or feel threatened by what you do.

When your popularity is soaring, enjoy it but do not be carried away, for on its heels you will see opposition. Those who push you up will pull you down. How true this is! It happened in the ministry of Jesus. The same crowd that shouted and chanted His praise a few days earlier when He rode on a donkey to Jerusalem turned against Him when they were incited by His opposers. 

Afterward, they were instigated to not only change their song but to act it out. "So they cried out again "Crucify Him". But they cried out all the more, "Crucify Him!" Mark 10:13-14.

Equally important is the fact that if you are yet to manifest, the tendency to be envious looms, which we must admit is a possibility. This may weigh you down and the desire to press on is gradually killed. What do you do then? Focus on your passion.

This is one thing that distinguishes successful people from others. Passion is therefore the secret fuel that keeps you burning when others are burnt out. Nothing keeps you going while you wait for your manifestation like passion for what you do. Keep the passion for your work alive and be rest assured your manifestation is guaranteed. 

A great Christian classical writer, E.M Bounds in the twentieth century whose works have blessed believers and challenged us to awakened prayer life, was not a noted or popular author in his lifetime. 

It was only after his death that his works became popular and widely acclaimed and accepted among Christians. So keep your works going even when they seem unnoticed. Yours could be a posthumous glory.

Regarding opposition, we all grow by the opposite view of others. That is why God made the Woman completely different from the Man physically, emotionally, and otherwise. However, if you are taking an opposing view on an issue, you must have your motives for doing so. 

Does your view cause more harm and injury than good to the overall cause of the individual or organization? Do they stem from selfish, serving, self-centered, and ulterior motive and interest? Is your security threatened by the manifestation of the other person? 

Are you sincere and honest in your views? Do you engage in it just to ruin someone's reputation? Are you jealous of the other person probably because you are more competent, qualified, and intelligent than he is but he outshines you? Does it find its root in bitterness and bad blood? 

These and many other questions are issues we should address in our minds before differing from the other. On the other hand, our differences could become our strength if well harnessed, but if mishandled they turn to embarrass us and the entire organization and the cause we serve.

How do you respond to opposition? We could be tempted to put up a defense. Here the battle line with war of words is drawn, as you seek to defend yourself, you give your opposers a handle to hold. Should you meet them at their level? The battle will never be over. 

It is good to know that if your success threatens somebody, even when you do well, it becomes evil. You may not be able to convince your opposition based on its root. So, understanding the root of the opposition will determine your response to it. 

For Jesus, He was silent. He knew this was the hour of darkness and that Hell was behind what happened. He chose to ignore them and was silent. In situations like this, wisdom is profitable to direct. Relying on God and receiving divine wisdom on how to handle opposition is the key to your response. Only the voice of wisdom guiding somebody will show the person what to do. Either way, you should be guided by God.

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