Why You Should Not Allow Confinement End Your Success in Life.

The Prison

Prison is a state of confinement or captivity especially for lawbreakers or persons convicted of serious crimes. It is also a situation or place from which one cannot escape.

Joseph may have stayed in Potiphar's house for about eleven years before being taken to prison. This is likely judging from the accounts available about him. In Genesis chapters 39 through 41. However, of all places on earth, why the prison when there were other places to go to? But it was God's divine plan for Joseph.

We do know that prison is not a place to be, especially in the days of Joseph, it was more of a dungeon. They were not places that had good living conditions of any kind. The prisons then should not be looked upon like the twenty-first-century prison at all.

Yet with all that was associated with the prison cell of his days, God still saw it fit to allow Joseph to serve for two full years in prison. So let's check out why a good God will allow his child to go through such a horrible experience in a prison.

The events that kept unfolding around Joseph tell us that he was very far from his dreams. This is how it works. When you seem far from your dreams and everything around is speaking a silent language telling you to forget your dreams, then God is preparing you to fulfill your dreams.

This happens so that no man shall take the glory of God and so that you will personally recognize the hand of God in your affairs. When you are at your wit's end, then God steps in. You can count on Him for that.

A Place of Confinement:

This has to do with the restriction of liberty and to put someone within limits. The prison was a place Joseph had no liberty or freedom to live the life he wanted. If you are confined, do not be confounded. The physical walls may put a restriction on you but your spirit can be liberated.

There is no greater freedom than the liberated human spirit. Such a person can never be limited. It's only your body that is confined; release your spirit to soar. One of the greatest and most inspiring books of the New Testament (Philippians) written by Paul was dictated from a prison. His hands were chained in the stocks but his heart was inspired to write charging the Church to rejoice in the Lord always.

Nothing is more powerful than the liberated human spirit inspired by the Holy Spirit. John Bunyan who wrote the timeless Christian classic, The Pilgrim's Progress penned it from the prison when he was confined. His writings formed the foundation for the Holiness Movement that evolved into the Pentecostal Revival which is the basis for the Deeper Christian teachings we have today.

He deployed his prison experience through the liberation of his spirit to bless lives. Another example of one who harnessed the prison experience to bless this generation of late is Watchman Nee of China. When the Chinese revolution under Chairman Mao Tse Tung took over the government in 1950, Watchman Nee was arrested and kept in prison for twenty years.

This period of confinement turned out to be so useful and blessed that his notes to the brethren who now have gone underground for their faith have blessed the world greatly. The likes of Nelson Mandela rose from prison to lead South Africa out of apartheid.

The list continues, but no one ought to allow a prison experience to break his spirit and stop him. Let your prison prepare you to soar when you are out. If your prison walls confine you physically, break them by freeing yourself to connect with God.

The blessedness of this confinement is what you make out of it. Confinement is not confusion, except it is allowed. Turn your confinement into confession so that God will work to confirm His Word in your life.

The prison you find yourself in, that confines you could be a situation that locks you up, a condition that restricts your ability to function or anything you find yourself in that incapacitates you. Know it that your restricted situation now does not mean you are finished but an opportunity to fire better.

Joseph, in his confined situation, interpreted the dreams of other prisoners. That did not even give him any freedom or help in the interim until two years later. But it was during his confinement that he got some of the greatest insights of his life. He learned to depend more on God than on his guts and those he had helped along the way.

Seize the moment of your Confinement to go deeper in God. There are dimensions God desires to take you to but He needs this restriction and seclusion so He can secure your attention. Stop complaining, murmuring, and crying, especially when your imprisonment is not due to crime or any offense you have committed.

Bend your ears, open your heart, and hear what God is saying to you in your prison walls.

A Place of Conditioning:

That is what prison is meant to do; it’s a place where a person is conditioned to behave in a certain way by restraint. In the conditioning process, one is made to become dependent on the stimulus in your environment. Our human mind works in such a way that when issues occur and reoccur there is the tendency to accept things as they are instead of seeing things as they ought to be.

If the description above fits you, then you are one of those being conditioned. Never allow your condition to make you draw a conclusion. Others may do so but they could be wrong. The prison is meant to condition you but you can go through the conditioning and come out refined and more fulfilled. Anyone who concludes about you because of your condition does that in haste; dismiss them.

Many are prisoners of their thoughts. Do yourself good and liberate yourself from being a prisoner of your thought. What your external environment throws at you should never be permitted to become your status in life. Bring your outer world into harmony with your inner world.

Conditioning may happen through brainwashing. When either you or others use your situation to deceive you into believing something contrary to God's word for you, then the process of negative conditioning has begun.

The safest place to stay if at all you have to be conditioned is to stay with the word of God. Let the Word live and dwell in you richly and by it order your inner world, then you will be able to bring your outer world into harmony with what's on the inside of you.

A Place of Limitation: 

Many are indeed free walking about unhindered, but they are in bondage. A limitation is a real or imaginary point beyond which a person or thing cannot go. No matter the visions, dreams, and aspirations you have, as long as you are in prison, they are limited.

No matter how bright and lofty your ideas may be, the prison makes them a far cry from reality. Some of the limitations you have are even imaginary, not real. It anything can get into your imagination, that thing has got you. The reason we need to break out in our spirits before a breakthrough happens physically is the power and control that that realm wields over us.

Once you are unhindered spiritually, then nothing can hold you back physically. If you stay in your limitation you will languish.

The Divine Orchestration. 

This may be hard but it's true that as part of God's preparation He allows His own to go through the prison experience whenever this happens, then God is up to something. The prison is much more than some walls keeping somebody from escape.

The worst form of prison happens when you find yourself in an inescapable condition, especially the one your mind puts you in. Many so-called free people who are not in a physical prison are prisoners of their thoughts - the worst form of prison anyone can ever experience. When God allows you into one, He is about to alter your way of thinking and perception in life, so let us go!

A place of divine Discovery and Revelation. Everyone is qualified to benefit from the things we go through in life depending on the approach we give to them. If God chooses you to go through any prison experience then He has something for you to benefit.

We are not the same; hence our approach to issues is bound to differ. It is however good for you to allow your years of preparation to become a training ground and not a draining ground. Let the various experiences of life you have at different stages of your preparation be translated into a wealth of useful and useable experience.

It is surprising how God chooses to use what should scare us to become a stepping stone. Joseph, you would recall, was sold by his brothers on account of his dreams, yet God would use dreams not to scare him but as a channel of catapulting him to the top.

There is something about you that you are yet to discover but you have to allow the prison God let you go through become your discovery house and not just a prison house. How do you do this?

Joyful Life: No one accesses anything from God's storehouse without joy in their heart. You can only draw from the deep wells of God's resources, and discover the latent grace of God untapped but trapped in you through the joy that comes from you in serving God.

In prison, Joseph had no reason to be cynical and bitter at God. He looked beyond where he was to where God was taking him. You may have reasons to be sad but choose to be glad and joyful. Let the glory of God in you radiate Joy and exude the same always.

Selfless Service: Sometimes when counsel is offered without solicitation it is not always taken seriously. Joseph was not about to offer counsel but to render a service these jail mates of his could get nowhere else. As a prisoner in charge of other prisoners, and being an assistant to the prison warden he had a right to be served by others, but he became the servant to them.

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