Being Stripped of your glory can become the Beginning of your Success in life.

Being stripped of your glory can become the beginning of your Success in life

The Clipped Prince 

Moses was reduced, so to say, to a shepherd and he came down from such lofty heights in Egypt in the palace where he had to himself an array of servant’s attendants as was fitting for a crown prince. But he took his new place with ease. 

My father once said, "Hold everything loosely," meaning, do not attach your life on earth to any material thing; neither should you derive your worth from the position you occupy or an achievement you have made in life. Moses was unperturbed, else he would have been reminiscing on his past glory but he did not allow those things into his heart. 

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He chose to settle down to the new life found under the care and tutelage of Jethro.

Moses would have concluded that whatever he allowed would gain freedom in his life. Some allowances are expensive to pay and in the end, it is not worth the hassle and pain they carry. Instead of expending his energy on what he knew would profit nothing, he deployed it to settle down to his new life. 

The second phase of his life would ultimately impact more on his overall life's purpose. The proud heart of the crown prince was brought to be taught and remolded into a shepherd's heart. If Moses could successfully, patiently, and enduringly lead sheep, then he would be due for the next level. This he learned with all interest, submission, and humility-the art of shepherding. 

Every shepherd must be meek, lowly, gentle, patient, enduring, humble, caring, and much more. These and many more were the issues God brought Moses out to learn. He would never succeed in leading Israel out from bondage to freedom if he had not come this low first.

He needed the skills a leader of this newborn nation would have to be able to carry them. More so, it was going to be a theocratic system of governance; totally alien from what he used to know and see. God saw it necessary to send him away to a Midianite for the acquisition of this all-important training.

There he was equipped before his release. It is worthy of note that, Jethro did not graduate Moses but God did. Similarly, do not graduate yourself from divine training; let the Principal instructor be the one to pass you before he graduates you. He knows when you have had enough training that will help fulfill the assignment. 

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The Stripped Prince 

God does not do things for nothing. While we may not know the purpose of everything He does, He knows. Moses the prince was stripped of the position of glory and honor he had in Egypt. It was not for humiliation though but to give him his real identity. "Then Moses was contented to live with the man..," Exodus 2:21. 

Moses settled down to his newfound life without bemoaning his past. He parted with it so he could have a new life. Do not live with dead things. They will never resurrect, rather look for the new life that will come out of the dead thing. Life is progressive, therefore keep moving forward. 

When God allows anything to be taken from you, it is only because He has something better for replacement. Can you allow yourself to be stripped and de-robed for a more glorious placement than where you are? Jesus our prime example emptied himself of the glory he had in heaven. For the time being, it may look like humiliation but it brings greater glory. 

To access greater glory, we should be ready to bend low first. "Have this mind in your mind, which was also in Christ Jesus, who, existing in the form of God, didn't consider equality With God a thing to be grasped, but emptied Himself, taking the form of a servant, being made in the likeness of men," Philippians 2: 5-7 (Amplified Bible). 

Jesus equally received the highest honor reserved for this purpose. Anyone who ever brings himself low to serve God's purpose will never go without honor from God. 

Moses was stripped of a fading glory in order to be clothed and decorated with unfading and unfeigned glory. He was stripped of human honor but was crowned with dignity and everlasting splendor. 

Moreover, Moses was a very great man in the land of Egypt, in the sight of Pharaoh's servants and in the sight of all the people," Exodus 11:3. He was condemned by Pharaoh but was commissioned and commended by God. 

This was the dimension God brought Moses into in Egypt before the exodus. Whatever glory and honor he was stripped of was restored in greater dimension in the same place, land, and by the same people who declared a wanted man.


His stay with Jethro (his newfound teacher, mentor, and father in law), and at the backside of the desert where he took his sheep for grazing lasted for forty years, totaling eighty years of preparation for a forty-year assignment. 

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It looks like so much time appears to be spent in getting the man ready, but little wonder he gave the world the commandments and laws that have towered over four thousand years and are the bedrock of the nation of Israel and the foundation stone of the Christian faith. 

The result is worth the time spent in preparation, and the lasting effect and impact it has created still speaks for itself. 

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