The result of the process should be your focus rather than the process itself.

The result of the process should be your focus rather than the process itself. If you are under pressure, God is using it to press out the juice in you so that the chaff will go. Do not bow to pressures; see them as part of the process that is taking you somewhere. While the process is on, keep your eyes on the Lord, as we are commanded,

Jesus also went through the process His Father prepared for Him to go through. And we are admonished to look up to Him as the perfect example to follow. He saw the result which made Him endure the cross.

So, endure your tribulation and pressure. He despised the shame of the cross. There are talks, comments, and things you must despise when going through the process: people who will make fun or mock and cajole you; people will say all manner of things against you; taunt you to see if you will follow them and throw off the process in an attempt to prove a point.

There may be issues that will arise to make you abandon the process and throw everything to the winds, but as you keep looking to Jesus, choose to endure there is joy waiting for you As it is often said, there shall be light at the end of the tunnel. Do not look at the tunnel but see the light beyond it.

God does not waste people's time but He processes their time. Allow time to process you and issues concerning you. One of the secrets of going through the process unruffled is joy. 

When you have the joy of God in your heart it becomes your strength to go through the process knowing He is with you. This joy is what every believer is entitled to. It is yours to experience as part of your redemptive package. It keeps you going when the going is tough.

Joy is that spiritual hormone secreted by the presence of the Holy Spirit to lubricate your life as you go through the preparation process. This is not the joy of answered prayers which happens when God responds to the prayers of the saints. This is inherent in the believer's DNA.

It is yours but when it dries up everything withers. Joel captures the essence when he declared, the vine has dried up and the fig tree has withered: the pomegranate tree, the palm tree also, And the apple tree All the trees of the held are withered.

Surely joy has withered away from the sons of men. This joy is what the world does not know and lacks but God has made available to His children. Peter went further to talk about "joy unspeakable and full of glory," I Peter 1:8).

This level of joy comes when there is an overflow of God's presence in a believer. It is an indicator that in your trouble God is with you. 

May this joy flow and overflow in your heart as you read this now! What is joy? "Jesus Over You" This is the heart of your it all. When Jesus is over You". This is the heart of it all. When Jesus is cheering in triumph and singing.

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