Why we must be properly located so our allocation can reach us in life

One of the ways to make good progress more easily in life is to leverage on others who have gone ahead on this road, because there may be no time to walk through everything by having to experience them as an individual.

Why we should be properly located so our allocation can reach us in life

On a daily basis, one is provided an opportunity to learn. What is done with them goes as far as telling the extent of the value placed on preparation? One could either choose to learn in a humble way or in a hard way. 

Learning in a hard way entails going through all the experiences by oneself. It does not only make learning hard but it makes the process boring, difficult and the journey long. 

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While we do not believe in using shortcuts to becoming what one should be in life, nonetheless, it should be advocated that learning from others' experiences which in itself is an intentional personal growth process and wisdom should be encouraged. 


We find such portraits abounding all through scripture, and we shall attempt to pick out a handful as we learn some lessons of preparation from them. 


Israel as a nation suffered a very long period of slavery lasting for about 430 years and the man Moses was born in response to the cry for freedom from slavery by his parents, who descended from the priestly lineage of Levi among the twelve sons of Jacob, had taken time to pray. 

Though, Moses was not their firstborn son but doubtless the God-chosen one to embark on one of the most dangerous tasks on earth. At his birth, the mother saw that he was an answer to their prayers. By faith, she held on to him and defied orders from the most powerful ruler on earth then.

When the mother saw that she could no longer keep the boy hidden she, by divine wisdom, took steps to save the boy's life.

From the moment Pharaoh's daughter picked Moses from the waters and was eventually handed to his mother to be kept and nursed, the events that followed thereafter would unfold to the surprise of both Moses and his kins-men.

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This was going to be the beginning of a series of events that would characterize Moses' life as he grew up. 

The first phase of his preparation would continue under the care and tutelage of his parents until he was turned over to the pharaoh's house for continuation. However, within the time he spent with his parents, they had so fired the vision and idea of Moses being the expected deliverer of his people from bondage. 

The second phase of his preparation was at Pharaoh's palace that lasted for forty years. During this time he saw the pain of slavery and the agony and humiliation of the enslaved on a daily basis. In response to this humiliation, Moses moved for the rescue of his people but was misunderstood because it was not yet the appointed time. 

This was where the phase three of his preparation began. 

The time would seem so long and Moses could have forgotten everything about bringing his people out from Egypt. 

The Relocated Prince 

When God wants to prepare a person for something great, one of the things He does is to relocate and reposition the person before He redeploys him to his assigned duty. Moses was relocated not by a deliberate act of his but through a series of circumstances that happened around him when he needed to escape for his life from the hands of Pharaoh.

His Relocation was Physical: 

He was relocated but not dislocated. People are afraid of relocation because of the fear of perceived dislocation. But one of the many good things that come in divine relocation is the hidden blessings, not obvious though nevertheless real, which are unveiled when you get to the location. 

For reasons best known to God, and sometimes revealed to men on rare occasions, physical relocation may be necessary. The most important thing is to be best tuned to God's leading at any given time and know where God is leading you to. 

Isaac prepared his family for a trip to Egypt due to a very serious economic recession that resulted in a terrible famine in the Middle East in his days. However, God spoke to him not to go but to stay Isaac heeded God's voice and stayed back in Palestine. 

Wherever God chooses for you to be is where you should stay. The issue of your location is so crucial for individual preparation because when you are properly located; your allocation will reach you without a struggle. 

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God knows where your blessing is waiting for you and He will order your steps in the direction of your placement in life. 

Are you willing to follow God where He may lead you? Believers do not just wake and head wherever they feel like, maybe because you heard there is an economic boom in a particular city you choose to relocate in search of greener pasture. Let God lead you! 

Moses was also repositioned: 

The relocation of Moses had been physical while his repositioning has to do more with mental attitude. So, there was a mental and attitudinal repositioning for Moses. 

This was done to ensure that the man had a holistic overhaul. This shift was imperative at this level, totally away from anything Moses ever knew about leadership. We see therefore, how God used his mistake to advance His divine cause. 

Moses needed this kind of preparation for the work ahead of him, a shift from the restrictive guarded and guided life he had in the palace. 

This was highly needed to enable him also rebuild the people he would be leading out. They all needed a mental reorientation to be able to become all that God desired for them be. Their mindset had to be moved from slave mentality to a free people mentality. 

A once enslaved but freed people can be very difficult to lead. They have been denied everything from mental freedom, social life, educational opportunities, religious Worship and work mode to labour mode, and much more. 

So the man who had the responsibility of leading such people needed a thorough preparation and a mental repositioning for the effective discharge of his duty. We all need to be repositioned mentally for us to fully maximize our potentials and fulfill our purpose. 

No man is ever greater than the level of his mindset as the level of one's thinking determines the quality of one's living.

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