Every true Father deserves a true Son, and every true Son deserves a true Father. So I will quickly establish the things Fathers look out for in true Sons. 

Never forget this, there are Fathers that will never call you their son until they are sure you possess some of these qualities, if not all of them. 


1. True sons are always available to serve their Spiritual  Fathers. In 2 Kings  3:11. Elisha was referred to as one who poured water on the hands Elijah. When last did you pour water on the hands of your Father. 

2. True sons are very proud to call themselves your son openly. In 1 Samuel 17:58, after David killed Goliath, Saul asked him a very sensitive question. Whose son are you?  David answered, I am the son of Jesse your servant in Bethlehem. Ask some people, 'who is your Father in ministry?  And you will start hearing stories that are not needed. 

if you cannot openly call him your father, two things are responsible. It is either he has a character problem or you have an arrogant problem.

3. True sons will never expose their Fathers’ nakedness or weakness. 
There are wicked sons that want to expose the nakedness of their Fathers that they have not even seen, but there are good sons that are closing their eyes to cover the very nakedness of their Fathers that they have seen. 

Any son who can expose his Father's nakedness is not a true son. 
All Fathers have weaknesses including you yourself.

One of the sons of Noah exposed his father's nakednu forgetting it was the same father's righteousness that once saved him from the flood.

4. True sons are good Givers. 
In Genesis 27:7 , Isaac demanded for venison from his son Esau that he may eat and bless him before his death. But before he will return with his gift, his younger brother presented his own gift and took the blessings. Every Father is loaded with blessings that cannot be downloaded and offloaded without a Seed of Honour. 

5. True sons can be corrected without them getting angry or disconnecting. Have you forgotten it is written in the book of Hebrew 12:6, the New living translation, 'He disciplines the one he loves and punishes the one he receives'.
If he cannot correct you, you are not a true son. 

6. True sons will never rebel against their Father even when they have a good reason to do so. 
Sometimes, your reason may sound good and okay, but remember the law is still the same: 'touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm'. 
In the history of Christianity, who do you think had a good reason to kill his master like David in the Bible.  A man that wants to kill you, you have an opportunity to kill him, yet you told your men not to do it, because he is the Lords' Anointed. 
See 1 Samuel 24:6-12.
God has a way of handling them not you.

7. True sons will always defend their Father before the enemies of their Father. 
According to the book of Psalms 127: 5, 'he who has children shall not be put to shame and they will speak to the enemies at the gate'.
One sure sign that a Father is childless, is that he will have no one to speak with the enemies at the gate. 
There are Fathers you must not touch, otherwise, if his sons and followers descend on you, you are finished.

8. True sons must replicate the grace of their Father. They are not just sons by mouth confession and open identification, they are sons by the Replications of the Father's Grace. 
You produce results after your kind.

9. True sons may have many men they honour and respect as mentors but have one person per time they give the HONOUR, RIGHTS and PRIVILEGES of a FATHER. Just be sure whoever you give that honour, rights and privileges of a father, is also playing the role of a father over you. Fatherhood is beyond books and tapes, for that is mentoring. 

Some of you carry your titles and prophet offerings to one big name who doesn't know you exist anywhere but carry your problems to one unknown name that is faithfully fathering you.

The big question is, how have you been fathering your biological children? That should give you an idea of what fatherhood entails. There are responsibilities from both parties and privileges for both parties.

Don't allow pride lead you to a father who you can never sit with one in one as a son even if it is once in ten years.

10. True sons will always abide in the house, even if they have to leave, they will observe the protocols for honourable exit. According to John 8:35, 'A servant abides not in the house forever, but a son, abides forever. No matter who is leaving, there are sons that are not ordained to leave. They are sent by God to abide for ever. 

Thanks for Reading. 

Irabor Wisdom.
Answers’ Assembly Warri.

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