Experiences with J.S Tarka University Makurdi, Nigeria Lecturers.

Some experiences with some lecturers are kind of bizarre and awkward. My school ran a mid-semester calendar during the December period and the rest of the semester was to be completed after the New Year.

There was a lecturer taking us Electrical Machine, He was so strict and was always on our case. He gave us a take home assignment to be submitted on his first class after the school resumption. This assignment was a calculation course, and this kind of assignment normally use to hand written and not printed, but his instruction was that we submit that assignment in a printed form.

We were like how can we type a calculation assignment and then he told us that we are to use the equation portal on the Microsoft word to do it.

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When we resumed nobody did the assignment due to our laziness. We did it in school and the typing was a problem. In Nigeria computer system especially laptops are not too accessible here. Your parent must be kind of wealthy before you can have a laptop here.

So the day of the submission was here, and everybody wanted to submit his assignment. Some student ran to the cyber café where they wanted to print the assignment and so on. So because of the que in the cyber café many student were not able to print there work and go to the lecturer class which was supposed to commence around 10am.

By 10am prompt, the lecturer was in the class and he started to collect the assignment, out of ninety nine (99) student in offering that course, he only collected twenty assignment and introduced the next lecturer who was supposed to take over him, because they were two lecturers taking that course and left the class.

After the lectures our class representative and her assistant collected the remaining assignment to go and submit. The aim was to plead with the lecturer to collect the assignment who was not willing to accept the assignment.

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They went to his office to plead with him to collect the assignment but he refused and sent them away.

This Assignment has caused some student a lot. I will say some student because I was opportune to have a laptop. Because the work involves a lot of equations, the work cost double the normal typing price and printing price.

How to Deal with J.S Tarka Lecturers

Lecturers especially in University of Agriculture Makurdi and other Universities in Nigeria like and love respect. You can’t blame them who does want to be respected. They want to worshiped and adore.

During lectures keep quiet and listen attentively. During lectures all the student in that class needs to listen attentively. If the class is always noisy and rowdy, it may attract impromptu test and other action.

We all know that a lecturer can’t beat an undergraduate in any university. So they devise other means to punish the student but in this case through our result for that course. A lecturer was dictating an assignment question for us and the class was kind of noisy and rowdy, he then decided to collect the assignment question immediately after dictating it.  

He recorded marked and recorded the assignment question because, majority of the class members did not write down the assignment question when he was dictating it.

Another thing to do when a lecturer is in the class is to put your phones in silent mode or completely turn off the phone. Most lecturer’s hates a student phone ringing in the class while they are lecturing in the class. This can result to different consequences on the part of the student. So advise your fellow classmate to please turn off their phones while receiving in the class.

The bad side of a lecturer is the very last thing you will like to be on. So it better to know the principle of every lecturer that lecture you and follow it. When you have an issue with the lecturer and you report that lecturer, his colleagues will be against you.

His colleagues who are lecturing you, may fail you or give you low grade because of this reason.

This is the end of this article. you can tell us some of your worst expreinces with lecturers in your school through the comment section of this blog. We will be glad to hear from you.


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